Fear of Flying

Carmen - Just wanted you to know the flights went great! No anxiety at all leading up, very little nervousness at all. I still don't like turbulence, but who does? I'd say it was at least a 95% reduction in my anxiety. Thanks so much. I can fly now!

Mike B. (Los Angeles, CA)

Chronic Pain

I could not sleep because of the pain and I started to take too much medication to get rid of the pain. At one point I thought I was going to have to use a walking stick because the pain on my leg was extreme and I could not walk for long periods and I stopped walking and my stress and depression got worse…and then Dr. Smith decided to refer me to…Carmen Lynne. I remember at the beginning I told [her] that I felt very disconnected from my natural positive energy since I had suffered many negative things that affected me greatly. For the first time in many years since I have been having this hypnotherapy, I have been able to free myself from chronic pain that previously I could only reduce with medication that had side effects that damaged my hair, skin, fingernails, and damaged my body internally.

Petra O. (Bakersfield, CA) - original in Spanish

Conquering PTSD

"I have experienced a hardship of dealing with PTSD. I've gone through many ways for help but haven't really conquered much. I looked for help with an open mind with Carmen and hypnotherapy. I never thought that this experience will bring a positive outcome so soon. She helped me by reaching a state of relaxation I have not ever experienced before. I feel that every session I attend wih Carmen always comes out with a positive vibe almost like waking up with a new soul. Carmen has a really great way to communicate and especially listening to every single detail of your problems. During the session, her peaceful, soothing, relaxing voice helps you reach that state of hypnosis by helping you visualize or imagine that special serenity we all have in us. Afterwards I leave stress free, positive attitude and feeling proud of what I accomplished on that session. I highly and deeply recommend Carmen Lynne to anyone that deals with the similar situations as me. I thank her so much. I can't say enough to appreciate the work she has helped with. As a veteran she has been a great guide and a respected leader to help me with my PTSD. THANK YOU CARMEN"

Adan. R., Inglewood CA (OIF veteran)

Control Weight Loss and Food Addiction

"I highly recommend Carmen Lynne as an excellent hypnotherapist. My past experiences with hypnotherapy were negative and I was quite close-minded to the process. I had decided it just wasn't the right "path" for me. However, Carmen turned my bad experiences around in just one session. Carmen seems to be extremely tuned in and sensitized to what the underlying issue is, and quite talented at providing a visual journey for my mind's eye that is spiritual and healing. I often have emotional release during the session in addition to a changed response to the original stimulus. My issue is weight loss and food addiction. After my sessions with Carmen, I find myself simply walking away--easily making healthier choices--as if some benevolent force within is helping me think before taking action, and gently steering me away from what I ultimately don't want. After a lifetime of being a slave to emotional eating, I'm very grateful to Carmen for her training and skill, and her willingness to share her talent to help others."

C. Frost, Los Angeles, California

Control Over Stress

"The relaxation I get from  hypnosis allows me moments of no pain. These pain-free times are wonderful and I look forward to each of our sessions. I would like some control over my stress and pain, I believe, and I feel some of that freedom with you. Thank you..."

Eddie E., Torrance, California

Relief of Physical Condition

"Carmen offered to help me with a physical condition that had cropped up. I was skeptical, but kept an open mind. I turned myself over to her hypnotic suggestions. At the end of the process my symptom cleared away. I was impressed. I now go to her and ask if she can help."

David N., Connecticut

Stop Pain

"I have felt that we have made amazing progress in each of the areas that we have worked on.  Every day that I can stop the pain... I say a silent, but fervent, thank you to you."

Heatherlynn G., Los Angeles California

Regain Blocked Up Energies

“I experienced an absolutely exhilarating past life regression with Carmen Lynne. Carmen is an excellent guide - I felt very trusting in her presence and used her calming voice to go deeper and deeper into a regression that showed me a lifelong pattern and its source. Seeing this was so liberating - I dropped some real attachments to old confusions and regained the blocked up energies.   I can only imagine the results of a series of these revealing sessions. I recommend Carmen's work without reservation and feel very grateful for the opportunity to surrender and let go so completely.”

Cheryl P., Beach, North Dakota

Amazingly Insightful

“My hypnotherapy session with Carmen was, informative, relaxing and amazingly insightful. She asked excellent questions to determine a treatment plan, and implemented the plan, using visualization, with skill and compassion. She has certainly earned my trust with an important part of my life."

Don Tieri, Chicago, Illinois

Improve your Life Situation

“Dear Carmen, I want to thank you for the wonderful experience that I had doing the life regression hypnosis. To be honest, I was nervous and a bit skeptical about doing it, I’ve heard about other people’s experiences, but never had considered seriously doing it myself. And then it was just so natural and it felt just right to do it then. Your soothing and peaceful voice was like a friendly hand that I could hold on to during that journey. The experience was full of surprises and wonders that afterwards you helped me unravel and use as tools to clear my present life situation. Thank you!"

Griselda I., Beverly Hills, CA

Feel Refreshed and Provide Clarity

“I had an amazing experience.  I have never been hypnotized and wasn't sure what to expect.  It’s always been in my interest, but never really had the opportunity.

Because I felt so comfortable with you, I had no hesitations while being hypnotized (other than those skeptical thoughts- which fortunately I was able to dismiss quite easily).  Now that I look back, it was probably one of the most relaxing moments I have had in a long time.  Even though I was fully aware of my surroundings, I was in such a relaxed and opened state of mind that when I opened my eyes, I felt very refreshed and had a sense of clarity.

I definitely learned that hypnotherapy actually works - if you go into it with an open mind, which I did.  For this reason, I feel our session was successful.

Thanks Carmen!!  You're awesome!”  

Eddie S., Venice, California

Help with Eating Disorders

"I have been struggling with eating disorders my whole life. I went to see Carmen Lynne for hypnotherapy for about three months, on the advice of my psychotherapist. I found Carmen's treatment to be very effective in helping me to let go of my old negative behaviors and develop a more positive attitude towards myself and my life. Carmen is a very empathetic and intuitive person and she seemed to be able to draw out things about myself I hadn't known before, in a safe and nurturing way. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with similar problems. My treatments were enhanced because of her warmth and caring. I feel she is a very ethical and honest person, and this adds to the integrity of the sessions. Thanks for everything Carmen. I am still abstinent, and getting stronger every day. You were a blessing to me!"

Karen Y., Redondo Beach, California

Creating Positive Thoughts

"I had often wondered about hypnosis. My concern regarded how much control the individual has during the process versus the hypnotherapist. I didn’t necessarily want to turn my mind over to someone else. With Carmen Lynne, I found out I was in control. She discussed what positive thoughts I wanted to develop and what counterproductive, negative thoughts I wanted to eliminate. During the sessions, I felt aware of my surroundings and quite conscious, just very relaxed and able to totally focus on reformatting my mind in a positive way. I remember the sessions and in fact, I sometimes rethink myself through them before I go to sleep at night. I didn’t know what kind of results to expect. In the first week, I felt a difference. I wasn’t a mind numbed robot suddenly acting differently. But I was able to make breakthroughs in behaviors that I hadn’t been able to before, no matter how many different ways I previously tried. We can enhance the quality of our lives tremendously by tapping into the power of our minds. Life is too short to waste that potential. Carmen creates a peaceful , trustworthy and professional environment. She is excellent and I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone."

Pati G., Redondo Beach, California

Conquer Stage Fright

“I went to see Carmen for stage fright.  I always have anxiety before shows, usually beginning two days or so before the show.  Since our session, I have had two performances.  My usual anxiety didn't show up until a couple of hours before each show, which was definitely unusual.  Once onstage I felt comfortable and confident."

Tom S., Los Angeles, California

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